Hotel Shampoo – The Big Steal

Hotel shampoo, other people’s internet and office stationery have all been named as items it’s socially acceptable to steal in a new survey.

Results in full:

  1. Hotel shampoo and other items – 93%
  2. Unsecured internet – 88%
  3. Restaurant condiments – 55%
  4. Pub beer glasses – 37%
  5. Office stationary – 27%
  6. Colleague’s tea / coffee – 22%
  7. Pick and mix sweets – 17%
  8. Supermarket fruit – 11%
  9. Pens from IKEA / Argos / Ladbrokes – 8%
  10. Park flowers – 3%

The survey of 1000 adults by asked which items they felt it was acceptable to steal without feeling guilty.

Perhaps unsurprisingly items from hotels topped the list with more than nine out of ten people – 93% – saying they were acceptable to steal.

Unsecured internet came next with almost nine out of ten people – 88% – saying they would happily access a neighbour’s network if it wasn’t password protected.

Condiments from restaurants came next on the list with more than half of respondents – 55% – saying they would happily pocket them without remorse.

Pub beer glasses came next with 37% of those polled saying they felt no guilt whatsoever in taking these home after a night out.

Stationary from work came next with 27% of those polled helping themselves to items such as pens, post it notes and envelopes from their employers.

The office was also seen as a target with the 22% of people who said they felt no guilt in helping themselves to colleagues tea and coffee supplies.

A sweet toothed 17% confessed to helping themselves to the pick and mix counter without any guilt while 11% of those polled said they helped themselves to fruit while doing the weekly shop.

Perhaps surprisingly pens from retailers such as IKEA, Ladbrokes and Argos were named by only eight per cent as those surveyed.

A hard core three per cent said they felt no guilt when helping themselves to flowers in their local park.