Hotel Selection Criteria

Before adding a new member to our collection, we vet each hotel according to the below standards:

You need to be:
  • A unique hotel with a strong personality (in terms of architecture, design or location)
  • A memorable hotel with a story to tell (Instagram-worthy)
  • Located in a sought-after leisure destination
  • A luxurious hotel (5* not required), offering an authentic and out of the ordinary service
You need to have:
  • Four or five stars
  • A minimum of 30 rooms
  • A restaurant on your property
  • A 24h front desk service
  • A concierge service (can be integrated with previous)
  • Excellent services with a minimum rating of 4.5 on TripAdvisor (or equivalent)
Ideally, you fall into one of the following categories:
  • Urban gem
  • Countryside charm
  • Historic landmark
  • Architectural avant-garde masterpiece
  • Scenic marvel (or excel at sustainability)
  • Culinary landmark


All approved hotels in our program will need to comply with the following requirements. Hotels that do not fulfil these requirements are subject to be removed from the program.

  • Load our rates in the GDS
  • Submit their rates and promotions to our support team to be loaded by Best Loved Hotels
  • Maintain accurate hotel information and imagery
  • Engage in quality assurance:
    • > Maintain a min 4.5 Trip Advisor score (or equivalent)
    • > Maximum of 2 Best Loved Hotels complaints per year


To be considered, a hotel must take part in the following process:

If your hotel has not received the invitation through Lanyon, you may still submit your RFP manually and it will be considered by our selection team. Submit your RFP now

We select hotels that apply based on the hotel’s characteristics, location and the answers to the questions submitted in the RFP application.