#FRIFOTOS Friday Photos Forum – Recap Friday, 5 November 2010

It’s @bestlovedhotels here again and It has really been exciting writing the #FRIFOTOS Recaps and helping @epsteintravels get this innovative social-media activity off the ground.  I hope you are enjoying #FRIFOTOS as much I am and will share it with your friends and colleagues.

This week’s #FRIFOTOS theme was ”Where would I rather be…” and for me this proved rather difficult as I was quite happy being at the TBEX Europe (Travel Bloggers Exhibition) in Copenhagen where I met some amazing travel bloggers, writers, social-media exponents and great friends.  So instead of doing #FRIFOTOS full on, I relied on our #FRIFOTOS regulars to deliver up the goods and you did a great job.

@121foto was off the mark fast preferring to be in Romania with this exquisite landscape http://flic.kr/p/6VhJxH.  While @hotelPRguy reminded us sometimes it is not where you’d rather be, but how you would rather get to wherever you would rather be http://plixi.com/p/55103111!

But no sooner had #FRIFOTOS officially started and we were instantly transported to the InterContinental InterContinental Hua Hin, near Bangkok http://ht.ly/34Yy7 thanks to @WorldConcierge .

exquisite landscape (@121foto)InterContinental Hua Hin (@WorldConcierge)

We then witnessed a #FRIFOTOS display of amazing images providing numerous contrast and points of view. It was hard to believe there were so many people wanting to be somewhere other than where they were! But I digress.

Several #FRIFOTOS fans wanted to be in Paris. Like @Shipsandtrips http://yfrog.com/2fgktfj with fond honeymoon memories, or @LuxuryTravelMom with her kids at the Tuilleries http://twitpic.com/345uq6 (I must say I found this photo was not only cute but very funny as well!) Or reminders from @LandLopers of how nice it is simply walk in the city of light http://ht.ly/34USf. From the city we changed directions and were greeted with folks wanting to be where there was plenty of sand, fun and sun: Such as

@barefoot_chic and @LuxeTiffany yearning to return to the Turks and Caicos http://twitpic.com/344781. Also Caribbean-bound was this offering of St Thomas compliments of @RitzCarlton http://twitpic.com/344bma. Not to be outdone was @MO_Hotels sharing with us the Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya, Mexico Beach http://flic.kr/p/7AC9KP. @LauraAllenTvl focused on the sand with this excellent photo from Namibia http://yfrog.com/3uec3qj. Just a hint for future #FRIFOTOS recaps we love camels! Thank you @RitzCarltonME http://yfrog.com/fk6glj for that awesome beach snap!

Mandarin Oriental Riviera (@MO_Hotels)

On the subject of the sea, I wasn’t exactly sure what my dear twitter-friend @traveldesigned was thinking with one of her great submissions. In this one, was she suggesting she would rather be in the Kettle ‘O Fish or eating at the Kettle ‘O Fish http://twitpic.com/344syv in Rye, England?

But I think @kymri had the right idea with this alternative working posture http://bit.ly/9ucTYh!

It is clear that @CullodenHouse enjoyed his time with @epsteintravels at the White House based upon this image http://yfrog.com/nbmsvnj.

It’s a long way to Tipperary http://twitpic.com/344bnx but not for @EngagingIreland. Also in Ireland, we were all impressed with the Cliffs of Moher http://twitpic.com/344hxm from @adventuretaker.

But after a frenetic #FRIFOTOS, I think @GillatTheManor summed up our theme quite aptly this week with this: http://yfrog.com/2rwp2dj

Thanks for making another Friday just a little bit extraordinary! Until next weeks #FRIFOTOS.

@epsteintravels will announce the topic for #FRIFOTOS shortly. Looking forward to seeing you all. Do not forget to tell your friends. And of course, if you have any ideas how can make #FRIFOTOS even better simply DM me @bestlovedhotels or @epsteintravels!

The rules for #FRIFOTOS can be found here.

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This week’s #FRIFOTOS Theme is “Childhood”