Explore Lancashire with your taste buds

Located at the north west of England is a small suburban county called Lancashire, its name is taken from the nearby city of Lancaster and oftentimes, Lancashire is referred to by the abbreviation Lancs. This county contains some of Britain’s favourite holiday resorts, from the seaside of Blackpool to the outstanding natural beauty of Forest of Bowland, Lancashire is filled with activities and destinations suitable for all ages. However, there is one single dish that will always leave the visitors wanting more; the Lancashire Hotpot.

The Lancashire Hotpot, like many other Great Britain’s dishes, originated as a dish for the working class. Due to the harsh winter Lancashire experience, the hotpot was made from everyday local ingredients such as potatoes, carrots and lambs. Nowadays, it is a pub favourite and it is something you surely wouldn’t want to miss during your stay at Lancashire. There will always be a restaurant or a pub serving this delicious dish around every corner in town but the most famous of all are the ones served at the Michelin star restaurant Northcote Manor located in Langho, Lancashire.

The head chef at Northcote Manor Nigel Haworth is known for making the best Lancashire Hotpot and made a winning appearance on BBC2’s Great British Menu in 2009. The chef impressed the judges with his infamous Lonk Lamb Lancashire hotpot while displaying instinctive understanding of the Lancashire region and awareness for diner’s need.

The nostalgic meat filled goodness is topped with sliced potatoes and left to bake in the oven all day in a heavy pot on low heat. This dish will take some time to prepare so be sure to call and pre-order 24 hours in advance. Be sure to order it along with pickled red cabbage and a local beer to achieve the maximum dining experience and prepare to have your taste buds explode.

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Image by alexcwood