Exciting Things Hoteliers Do

Linthwaite House

By Mike Bevans of Linthwaite House

Exciting things hoteliers do.

Testing, it is. It’s one thing to have to test the wines for the wine list. Tough, and I know a lot of you wouldn’t want the hassle, but I have to do it. After wine I often hit the pillow. So that’s the next thing. Often a guest will comment “you should try that bed – it’s terrible”. Another guest will say about the same bed next day “Can I buy one, it’s the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had?”

So now, every day, or rather every night, I am trying new pillows. This leads to a good night’s sleep. Sometimes. Not always, though. Such are the sacrifices we hoteliers make in the line of duty. “Do we have to have a pillow menu?” my wife asked me. Just because they do in 5 star hotels in the Far East – does it mean we need to? No, not really, but the problem is everyone is different. For a start there are allergies. Some people can’t use a feather/down pillow. Some like it soft, some like it hard. So that’s important. We have always provided two pillows. One natural and one not.

Owner Tested Pillows

So what are they all about? Well, the orthopaedic pillow is self explanatory isn’t it? Then there’s the memory pillow. It knows what you like. There’s the Ecstasy pillow. Don’t ask. There’s the buckwheat one, to eat maybe? No it’s very green apparently. There’s the siliconised pillow, the anti stress pillow (it’s getting more stressful by the minute just thinking about it).

But a good night’s sleep is your desire and hoteliers have to make that happen.

So it’s back to sleep for me; I’m going to sleep on it then decide.

Mike Bevans is the owner of Linthwaite House, a 4-star AA Inspector’s Choice Country House Hotel with three Rosettes for food overlooking Windermere.