Britain’s Most Scenic Walks: The Roaches, Peak District

Summer is the perfect time to explore the natural, beautiful countryside of Britain on foot. There are hundreds of miles of trails with views that will leave you breathless.

In this blog, we will discover the paths and trails along The Roaches (from the French word roches meaning rocks) which offer some of the best views in the Peak District.

The Peak District is located mostly in Derbyshire and it was the first national park in the United Kingdom.

1. The Roaches and Hen Cloud from Tittesworth Reservoir – This 8.5 mile walk starts at Tittesworth Reservoir, which is well known for its rare and varied wildlife, especially birds. It goes past some of Staffordshire’s vast unspoilt countryside before ending at Hen Cloud. The ascent up to Hen Cloud is quite steep, but the view is very rewarding, and the downhill bit will be a breeze on the way back. For an average pace walker, the route would take approximately four and a half hours. For a map on how to get up to the clouds, click here.

2. Circular Walk around Lud Church and High Forest Ridge – This 5k walk is both scenic and a flatter route for those less experienced hikers. Lud’s Church is a giant, mossy, and spectacular rock cleft that is over 15 metres high in some places. On hot days, Lud’s Church is a shady, cool retreat from the sunlight. It is a legend that Robin Hood used Lud’s Church as a shelter from enemies. Lud’s Church has been used for many religious ceremonies since the 15th century. For information about the walk, click here.

3. Roaches Gate to Five Cloud Quarries and Docksey Pool – This 4 mile walk around Five Cloud Quarries and Docksey Pool takes the average walker about two and a half hours. Docksey Pool is a small tarn, or mountain lake, that is rumoured to be bottomless, so be careful not to fall in! It also never changes with the weather, oddly enough. This trail also leads to Hen’s Cloud, but the way back is quite rocky, so make sure to wear the right hiking shoes.

After a long day of hiking, stay at The George at Hathersage. Hathersage is a charming town in the centre of the Peak District. While you stay at Hathersage, go back in time by reading Charlotte Bronte’s world famous novel ‘Jane Eyre’ as Hathersage was the setting for the novel. There are plenty of scenic walks right from the hotel, including the Great Ridge Walk from Mam Tor, as well as lakes where you can boat, fish, and explore caves. The rooms are fresh, modern, and a relaxing retreat after your adventures.

Peak District image by Innes. Hen Cloud image by Peter. Lud’s Church image by l4ts. Docksey Pool image by Karl Dean.