A Shropshire Country Manor Leads the Way in Going Green

In recent years “ecotourism” and environmental “sustainability” have become such omnipresent buzzwords it sometimes becomes difficult to distinguish between those making genuine investment toward environmental responsibility and some businesses which over-hype superficial green credentials as a cynical PR exercise.

Soulton Hall in Shropshire certainly falls in the former category; the honesty of engagement by the Ashton family here toward a sustainable environment is undoubted and absolutely palpable.

Founded as a country manor in Saxon times, Soulton Hall has been in the family for 16 generations, which perhaps encourages the owners to take the longer view of things! The manor sits in a 500 acre working farm and they abide by the old adage “live for today but farm for tomorrow”. Much effort goes into such agricultural policies as straw return and minimal tillage, increasing carbon sequestration, as well as biomass and logs from the farm recycled in the house.

Other recent investments include solar panels to produce enough energy to heat ten homes, highly efficient ground source heating pumps which provide green water to the house (not literally, thankfully!) and cutting waste by continual insulation upgrades.

All these innovations do much to reduce Soulton Hall’s impact on the climate while not affecting the comfort of their guests. Next on the green wish list: plans for energy savings using voltage optimisation.

Although it’s very possible to enjoy Soulton Hall’s elegant surroundings, excellent food (mostly sourced from the farm and local producers) and hospitable comfort without dwelling on all these details, we think it adds yet another reason to stay at this terrific property. And if matters of environmental sustainability are of interest to you, the Ashtons would love to discuss it with you during your stay!

Produce doesn’t get more local than this

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